What is MEDPACS?

     The MEDiterranean Prediction And Classification System - MEDPACS (Poquet, Alba-Tercedor, Puntí et al., 2009) is a system to evaluate the ecological status of the Spanish Mediterranean streams. It was born in the framework of the GUADALMED project (see monograph Limnetica vol. 21, 2002 publish in 2004), and it is based on the development of predictive models for the aquatic macroinvertebrate communities of the Spanish Mediterranean streams, following the previous experience of other countries like the United Kingdom (RIVPACS) or Australia (AUSRIVAS). However, the current web service is designed to allow the evaluation of the ecological status by a predictive approach, as well as by using biotic/multimetric indices.
     The MEDPACS web service is addressed to all those governmental agencies that rely on the Spanish Ministry of Environment (Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Medio Rural y Marino) such water agencies, etc. as well as all those collaborative entities involved on the evaluation of the ecological status of superficial water bodies.

Although  the application has been conceived like a tool of evaluation based on predictive methods. At present it is an application that not only serves to use predictive methods in the evaluation of the ecological status of river basins of the Spanish Mediterranean region, but also that allows the calculation of many other metric ones of macroinvertebrates. Being able to  apply The Spanish regulation (Instrucción de Planificación, B.O.E. 22-IX-2008) for the whole of the Spanish territory (except the Canary Islands). Moreover the option "Biotic Indices" of the menu, can be used for all the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Together with MEDPACS, it has been developed ACADARI (Data Capture Application in Rivers). An application for mobile devices (smart phones and PDAs) equipped with Windows Mobile operating system that allows field data collection and subsequent dump to spreadsheet avoiding the usual transcription errors. It allows the collection of field data, both in position (GPS location integrated), and physical-chemical (common: flow, temperature, pH, conductivity, oxygen, and configurable fields), macroinvertebrate families referred to the IBMWP index, index of macrophytes (IM and IVAM), as well as the quality of the riparian habitat (QBR) and the Spanish river habitat index (IHF). Automatically makes different calculations. The application consists of two platforms, one for installation on your PC (Volcador Acadari: Acadari Dumper) which is primarily responsible for the installation of ACADARI (included an instructions manual) on your mobile device and then lets you download data collected in the field and dump to the PC spreadsheet templates designed as information carrier, designed as a data processing system of the MEDPACS web application; and the other is the ACADARI application itself that is installed in your mobile device. (At the moment the only available language for this software is Spanish)  (Registered: GR-421-10